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Touch me in the morning and then just walk away.

Ooh... a Robotech game for the PS2.

You know, evertime a new video game system comes out, some vicious , evil person somewhere in the world promises me a chance to finally fly the Valkyrie in some Macross or Robotech style game. But it never actually seems to happen. Why? Because the universe is a mean and evil place that takes great delight in toying with my affections. Especially when it comes to Robotech. How else can you explain the Perfect collection. Carl Macek strarts releasing each of the 3 Robotech series on VHS packaged with the original episodes of Macross, Southern Cross or Orguss that inspired it. He starts releasing the tapes of each of the 3 series at the same time, one tape a month, and I buy them all. When he gets exactly half way through them, he stops. Why? Because he wanted to piss me off. No other reason. God, people suck.

"It's an insane universe. I've had the opportunity to converse with it from time to time on that very subject."
-Dr. Stephen Strange

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