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on pinball...

went to the Beehive and played pinball with the ever elusive but still very cool gigglefaerie. Played all four games that they currently have. Some observations:

The Simpsons: Very cool game, when its working. It appears the left flipper is wearing out, and developing a short in it. Not being able to utilize either of the left flippers (there are two left and 3 right flippers in the game) makes it considerably difficult to play.

Medieval Madness: My skills appear to be diminishing on this game. I should play it more often.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines: First time I ever played this. Weird game. It appears to be all about comboing the ramps. There is also a weird game played with a catapult and a ball in the backglass. And an odd video mode. I was ok at this game for the first time out, and could probably become better at it, but I gave up because it can get quite frustrating to play because Ah-nold continuously yells instructions at you as you play. I think it would be best to play this in a noisy bar where you can't hear him.

Attack From Mars: Unlike Medieval Madness, my skills here remain. And I was able to play a nice 11 billion point game. However, it is very annoying to drain when you are but a single shot away from destroying mars and saving the universe. I'm sorry universe, I have failed you.

In other news, I'm starting to think about prizes for Jammy Jam. Does anyone who is still bothering to read this far after all the pinball talk have any suggestions?

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