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on the oprah log, genetic freakdom and bringing back cop rock

so talks with the Larry King people went fine. More talks are scheduled for Monday. Not much to say. It was a standard phone interview. It seemed to go fine, and they're "looking forward to talking to me again."

Tonight I am going to the International Wrestling Cartel training session that I talked about last Thursday to check things out and see if I actually do want to go through with this. Right now, I'm feeling pretty good about it. Anyone else want to come? jameel? zombiesrah? Anyone? As I understand it, this isn't the join the class day. Its the come and watch so you can make a decision about joining the class day.

Also just got off the phone with the Nielsen people regarding this being a Nielsen house. We're not going to be one of the permanent houses. We're going to just be a Nielsen family for a week. We should be getting four TV diaries in priority mail in a couple of days so that we can keep track of what we watch the week July 31st. Woohoo! I get to control the fate of the TV Universe on my birthday... time to watch a bunch of police dramas and musical. I will bring back Cop Rock. Oh yes I will... Hmmm... now how am I going to convince them that She Spies is the least watched show ever? MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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