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so I'm a professional wrestler...

or at least I will be. After visiting the IWC's Coalition of Competition training facility, I have decided to give the whole thing a go. The class is about 4 weeks in, which means there's a bunch that I have missed, but I figure I can catch up since they're still on basics (much of which is falling and kippups I know from various martial arts training). They are beginning to chain together a few moves, however, so I'm glad I at least got to watch this week so that I know what I have to pick up on. So anyway, starting next Thursday, my quest to become the man of 1000 holds.

I do sort of wish I knew someone else who was doing this with me. Would be nice to have someone to practice with. But oh well... when I'm heavyweight Champ-PEEN of the world, you'll just all be jealous.

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