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on pirates of the carribean (no spoilers)

After Silky's yesterday, beststephi, sui66iy and I went and saw Pirates of the Carribean in lieu of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It wasn't bad actually. I guess for a boat movie, I kind of wish there was more boat, but I definitely enjoyed it. The acting was pretty good, all things considered, though like most films it would have been infinitely improved by the addition of Greico. Depp, without a doubt, is about the gayest pirate I have ever seen. There is one glaring plot hole that Steph and I were discussing last night, which I will not mention at this time because I don't want to deal with spoilers, but if you care, ask me about it. Anyway, it was all in all a pretty fun movie, that was nice to look at. In particular the climatic battle scene was very fun to watch. Recommended. Arrr!

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