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the game hasn't changed but the technology has...

So, I lost a tennis match to beststephi (7-6, 7-5). But the really interesting thing about it all was that I played the game wearing some of my new work out clothes that I bought for wrestling school. Specifically, I wore Under Armour™ performace apparel. Under Armour makes several collections of work out clothing, including heatgear™ which I am currently wearing. It's a weird spandex blend that's designed for "moistrure transport" (equally distributing your sweat across your body to keep you cool). After wearing the sleeveless t-shirt and the compression shorts for two hours of tennis, I have to say it worked out pretty well. I felt nice and cool the entire time I was playing, and its probably the most comfortable spandex that I have ever worn. Like a second skin. I can barely tell I am wearing anything. They also have loosegear™ which are non-spandex microfiber versions of all the heatgear products so that you can have your lightweight moisture transport while maintaining a loose fit. Next I need the loosegear shorts and heatgear tanktop (you know, my birthday is coming up... I'm just saying is all). Once it gets colder, I'll have to try their coldgear™, which is lightweight insulated spandex. If its half as comfortable as the heatgear, it should be perfect for skiing. In particular I think the black snow shirt is just incredibly choice.

And lest the ladies feel left out, there is a women's collection as well, featuring female cuts of most of the men's clothing as well as sports bras, leggings and sport skirts(for tennis or field hockey or whatever).

Anyway... highly recommended...

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