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on teen sex and death...

So the news just did a story explaining that having sex caused you to commit suicide, especially if you were a girl. so according to the news, 14% of sexually active teenaged have attempted suicide as compared to only 5% of non-active girls. Furthermore, they state that 25% of sexually active girls show signs of depression as compared to only 8% of all girls. They didn't say what the stats were for boys at all, and they didn't explain any reason they think there is a correlation at all. This is something else that I might be inspired to write a hostility essay about, but I can't think of anything I might want to say about it. So I'm curious as to whether anyone else buys into this at all or not. Does it makes sense or is it a load of crap? Why or why not?

EDIT: Several people have asked if the news story implied causation or just correlation. They implied causation. Their thesis being that teenaged girls with rampant hormones take sex too seriously. So for instance: a 15-year-old girl may date a boy and sleep with him. Then when they break up, she'll be so distraught that she'll try to kill herself.

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