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best show EVER!!!!!!!

Five gay men, out to make over the world -- one straight guy at a time.

beststephi and I just finished watching Queer Eye For The Straight Guy on Tivo... BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!. Its like the new Trading Spaces. The premise is simple: find some slobbish, straight guy and then the "Fab 5" kidnap him and teach him to "gay it up." In one day, they groom him, clothe him, redecorate his apartment, teach him how to cook and make him charming. They also hit on him mercilessly. Then they send him out in front of his friends and watch it on video tape while making fun of people. It's brilliant. Find your inner fag in 24 hours or your money back. I swear, on the first episode, they even taught the guy how to check out guys walking down the street when he's driving around town. And best of all, there is Carson. Carson is the clothing expert. He is so flaming, he makes the surface of the sun look like the North Pole.... And I love him. And I quote "Boxers are hot, and by boxers I mean guys who box, not the underwear. So get rid of 'em!" Then he'll proceed to reach his hands down your pants and "adjust things."

Anyway, watch the show... its FABULOUS!!!

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