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the hardest working man in unemployment...

things done today:

  • downloaded photoshoot of theadana (from yesterday, I think I forgot to mention that) onto my desktop computer. Soon as I get a chance to organize them, I'll probably post a link to them and ask people to comment so she can become a photosketch.
  • reminded thwomp top post a new writing exercise to lx_arena. If you like writing and you don't read lx_arena, check it out.
  • laundry
  • took another phonecall from the Larry King people (the 4th). Things going very well on that front. I have an actual in person meeting with them on Monday. They made noises about wanting me for a better part than was initially discussed. We'll see what happens on Monday. 8:45 interview... ewww...
  • make livejournal entry

things still to do:

  • Go to the grocery store.
  • Go to the bank.
  • Go to wrestling practice. (1st one I am actually going to participate in... wonder if I'll survive)

Geeze... I'm exhausted...

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