July 18th, 2003

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03:47 pm - on pain, photos, presentations, pajama parties, pubs, and picture shows...
ow... not a huge ow... but ow... seriously...

I'm actually not all that sore. I can tell that I was working new body parts though. A little pain in the lower back and definitely in the neck. I really have to work on that head tuck and landing cleaner. Still, it was so worth it. Can't wait til next weeks training session.

I have a couple of new photoshoots up that I'd love comments on, including the one of theadana from the other day. For those who haven't seen me do this before, its simple, I just need people to go through, look at the pictures and tell me which ones you like:

Then, eventually, I'll make photosketches...

Bleah... need to put together a presentation for the Larry King people on Monday.

For anyone who doesn't know, Jammy Jam is scheduled for the 16th of August.

That's about it, I'll be braving the hail storm outside to go to Silky's in a bit. So if anyone needs me, that's where I'll be. And then off to Bad Boys II probably.

Current Mood: [mood icon] sore

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on pain, photos, presentations, pajama parties, pubs, and picture shows... - graffiti.maverick — LiveJournal

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[User Picture]From: sui66iy Date: July 18th, 2003 - 01:06 pm (Link)

IMG_2966 (if you can pull a decent close-up)
IMG_3009 (finally, you're getting the hang of it!)


IMG_0760 (this is not bad, composition-wise. It's not trite, and the range of exposure is interesting. I'm not sure it's actually good fodder for your purpose, but it's a nice photo. Too bad there's not more detail in the hair behind her face... that happened because the whole thing is exposed wrong, so the bright parts are blasted out and the dark parts lose detail. That said, the blasted out bits are kind of nice, but the detail loss is unfortunate. FWIW, try to expose for the shadows. You can generate a blasted-out effect in post, but there's no way to recover lost detail. This is the sort of lighting range that automatic exposures are very bad at...)

If you notice a pattern in my picks: stand close to your subject!
[User Picture]From: max1975 Date: July 18th, 2003 - 01:25 pm (Link)
These are the ones I like...* Indicates somewhat stronger like.

1, 3, 4, 8*, 10, 16, 17*, 20*, 21 (for a different picture, I'll explain if necessary), 23, 26*, 28*, 31* (duh), I think I like 32 but it wouldn't load for me, 35*, 45** (but be careful with that sunlight on her nose), 47* (good background), 57 ***

She poses really well. You can get more than a single photosketch out of this set.

2 (maybe goes with Laura's 21...you could do a whole collage of girls looking the other way!), 17*, 18*, 25** (you have to use these eyes at least), 29, 36
[User Picture]From: thwomp Date: July 18th, 2003 - 01:39 pm (Link)

That Other Girl Laura:

Also, for the record, damn there are a ton of Laura's.
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: July 18th, 2003 - 01:40 pm (Link)
they should all be forced to change their names... like the Chris's.
[User Picture]From: dariaphoebe Date: July 18th, 2003 - 02:54 pm (Link)

Re: I *am* mean

Having unique names doesn't really help.
[User Picture]From: dariaphoebe Date: July 18th, 2003 - 02:55 pm (Link)
Hey look, it remembered the damn subject line from like a month ago, again. Sigh.
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: July 19th, 2003 - 11:32 am (Link)

Re: I *am* mean

doesn't help what? it certainly keeps there from being too many of the same named person... unless of course you mean that there's always too many people, even if there's only one.
[User Picture]From: dariaphoebe Date: July 19th, 2003 - 11:44 am (Link)

Re: I *am* mean

Unique names are fine but then you end up with crappy names.
[User Picture]From: mamarayne Date: July 18th, 2003 - 04:43 pm (Link)

My 2 cents

Claire: 2923, 2900, 3021 & 3065
Laura: 569, 675, 676 & 704

Why? Because I said so...oh, sorry I slipped into that "mama thing".
From: henrysbag Date: July 20th, 2003 - 04:26 pm (Link)


Good job models and photographer!

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