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ambiguously gay eye for the geek girl...

"How often do you go shopping? Once every year or two!?! No, that's voting!"
-Carson Kressley

So I took danitapgh shopping for her birthday present from beststephi and me. We have promised her $100 of shopping spree, as well as my own services as fashion consultant. Pretty good haul and I am pretty pleased with the results. Dana came away from the trip with 5 new outfits and I think a new appreciation for the art of shopping. And the clothes are quite hot if I do say so myself. I love taking girls shopping... its like having real live dress up girls. Ok, enough being gay... I need to do something manly... maybe go watch Funny Girl... umm... no wait...

Wrestling soreness is definitely starting to fade. Pretty happy about that. Did a light weight workout last night, and skipped my cardio day today. Hopefully I'll be feeling good after my interview tomorrow and can go back to my heavier weight training.

The interview with the Larry King people is tomorrow. Looking forward to it, but a little nervous of course. It seems to be an all day kinda thing, and I still have to finish getting my presentation together... wheee....

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