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on interviews and illnesses

The meeting with the Larry King people went fine. I spoke with 8 different people, and it pretty much took all day, so that was kind of exhausting. But I think they liked me. But really, who can ever tell with these things. They should be getting back to me in the next week or two either way.

The worst part is that aroung 11:30 last night I started sniffling and getting a headache followed by a stuffy nose. Now normally, I would solve this problem by taking a nice heart triple dose of the big fucking Q. But seeing as how I had to get up early to go downtown, I realized that was probably a bad idea. So I wok up this morning feeling pretty shitty, but managed to get myself together and keep myself somewhat presentable for most of the day by popping a lot of cough drops. But by the end of the interview I was pretty deep into a head cold, and I could tell that my voice was being affected. I hope I didn't infect their office. *Sigh*

Hmmm... I need to find something nice to eat that it doesn't matter if I can taste. Bleah... feeling crappy, so I think I might skip the workout again tonight. I suck. Of course tonight, I sleep the sleep of the dead...

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