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on not doing what I said I was going to...

So I never got around to seeing Spy Kids 3 (trying for a matinee sometime on Saturday if anyone else is interested). Instead, went shopping with beststephi for nice clothes for her conference next week. While at the mall we were accosted by one of those "hey, wanna take a survey?" type people. We said no, but then they told us that we'd get $25 if we did it. So Steph changed her mind... and decided that I would do it. It was pretty interesting. The "survey" involved me watching commercials for Nationwide insurance while I was filmed and little electrodes were hooked up to my head, auspiciously to guage my reactions to what i was seeing (I'm certain in reality they were reprogramming me with sleeper commands for the impending revolution. Ah well. Anyway, then they ask me questions about what I saw and send me on my way $25 richer.

Also, Dana informs me that she is in fact not able to make the rafting trip (Aug 2nd), so I now have no official confirmations... so if you want to go, PLEASE let me know A.S.A.P.

Bleah, everyone is asleep or out doing something more fun than me... someone amuse me...

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