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on Spy Kids 3-D and other stuff...

so, I finally went and saw Spy Kids 3-D with beststephi and sui66iy. I won't go so far as to say it was awful. In fact, I actually enjoyed myself, but without the 3-D gimmick, I think the movie might have in fact been unwatchable. The gimmick was cute, but the film pretty much was a showcase for Daryl Sabara who really isn't nearly as good an actor as Alexa Vega, even when he gets to use an aging Ricardo Montalban as a crutch. There really isn't much in the way of plot or character development going on, and its more of a kids film than the other two. In fact, as beststephi pointed out, probably the best part of the movie is watching the little kids in the theater trying to reach out and touch the random 3D elements floating around in the air. So anyway, its worth seeing if you want to see neat little 3D effects, like I did, but really, there is no story, so go to a matinee. I think this is basically just Rodriguez's warm up for Once Upon a Time in Mexico. I think it's a pretty sweet life being able to make a career out of basically making the same two films over and over again. And you know the girls will want to go see it just because it has pretty boy in it.

After that, I hung out with Steph and Mike and discussed the nature of art, pop culture and racial diversity... all were enlightened... And then people decided to be artistic... maybe I'll work on my superhero picture...

Random notes on pain from wrestling two days later. Its there, but its not as bad. So ummm... yay, I'm getting stronger or something.

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