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many thanx

I think I tried to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday individually, but if I missed you, well here's a nice group thanx for you all. Hope to see you at Jammy Jam. Invitations will be mailed today.

Ok, yes, 2nd day wrestling soreness has begun. Honestly, its getting better, but grrr....

After Silky's last night, I went to the Warhol with sui66iy and thehammer to see "unaired failed TV pilots." Sadly, there was no "Samarai" or "Vanguard," or "Men of the Dragon" or Leonard Nimoy as "The Man with the Power" or even "Poochinski" but we did see a cute detective spoof starring Adam West and written by Conan O'Brien called Lookwell. Also ran into inmostlight for the first time in forever.

Afterwards, we went to Sauce. It was interesting. I had a pretty good burger there and a drink (the mojita) that Mike is always raving about. The music is decent. The waitress was cute. Its all in all an OK place to hang out. A little out of the way though.

Need stuff to do today. Anyone have any plans?

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