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on starting red-nine in style...

Lets see.... Its the beginning of my 30th year on the planet. I'm pretty much a bum and without prospects, so lets go for that midlife crisis.

Went and saw a ridiculous teen movie with yannaboo this afternoon. What better way to spend the 364th day before Last Day than watching vapid movies about sex and bathroom humor.

As promised, I also sent out Jammy Jam 2003 invitations to the party list... So its official... I'll see everyone on the 16th in their skimpy best.

Speaking of which, hitting a house party tonight with sui66iy and thehammer thrown by people I don't know. I think Mike was invited by b1uebutterf1y so i guess she knows them. The theme of the party "2 items of clothing or less" should be just up my alley. Like I could ever pass up an opportunity to party with no clothes on. Didn't know about this party til last night, so i couldn't plan ahead... luckily, as I'm me, I have lots of things stashed away for just such an occasion. I'm set.

In other news, I think I may have found something to live for. See previously, I had spent my life living for the release of Bad Boys II, but then when it came out a few weeks ago, as happy as I was to finally be able to experience it after all these years of waiting since the first Bad Boys, I found myself somewhat empty and hallow inside. As though that drive to go on had been removed. But now.... now I have something else. Now I have something to live for more important. Longer in the making that Bad Boys. Now I have Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Oh Hell Yeah!!! Dirty Dancing is back! This is the best thing since Breakin 2:Electric Boogaloo. The only movie that could possibly top this is if they made a sequel to Lambada. Wheee... Time to have the time of my life... again...

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