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I want to look good naked...

I decided that I might as well finish my American Beauty kick from earlier, so I spent the last few hours working out. I started doing night workout regimens at the beginning of last summer when I decided that I didn't like how I looked at 193lbs and 25% bodyfat and I needed to lose 18 pounds in one year and get down to 17%. A year went by and I dropped 25 pounds and got down to 16%. Was pretty happy with that, but decided since it was making me feel so much better, I'd keep going....

Only between getting in a car wreck and getting sick and losing my job and spending my nights drinking, I'd kinda slacked off the last couple of weeks. So I decided to do a good old-fashioned work the body to the point of exhaustion tonight. So, 400 situps, 150 pushups, 45 min. on the DDR pads, a stretching routine and 3 minutes of extended body bends later, here I am. I'm weighing in at 168.5 again (I had gotten down to 163.5 before the accident), but I've burned myself down to 10.5% BF. That's misleading because I just worked out, but I think I'm stable around 13.5% (I was stable around 15.5% before the accident). So I guess I feel pretty good. I think at this point, I could stop the regular workouts and maintain 170lbs pretty easily, which isn't bad since my goal was 175, but I really do feel better when I'm working out, so why stop. Besides, I have to look good when I'm prancing around half-naked this Saturday... how else am I gonna win the exciting and valuable prizes or something....

Hmmm... just thought of another great birthday present... I need a SoloFlex or BowFlex or some other such machine. I'm actually quite fond of the essentially equipmentless (unless you count the DDR pads, which I don't really need) workout that I have been using, but really, it would be nice to be able to work my back better. I wonder if my knee and ankle are strong enough that it would be safe to take up jogging again. Hmmm... and maybe I will take up Pro-wrestling after all.

Sigh... now I'm too pumped up to sleep... need to find something to do... where the hell is Mena Suvari?

Ooh.... another rose petal.

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