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fuck PennDOT up the ass with a chainsaw for hours on end and I don't mean in a nice loving way

So a month ago, on my way back from Johnstown I commented that I got to ride the turnpike for free because apparently someone had abandoned their post at the turnpike gate. I joked at the time about sticking it to the man, but in reality I actually tried to pay the toll!. I asked the guy in the next booth over what i was supposed to do and he told me that I just had to go because I was holding up traffic (there were other people behind me as well trying to go through the gate... the light was green after all, so no one had any idea that it was unmanned.) So I told the guy in the next booth that no one was there and I hadn't paid yet and the guy yells at me to just go again. So I left. And the person behind me pulled up into the lane and apparently went through the same thing.

So now I have received a violation notice from the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission demanding that I pay the maximum fee $14.55 plus a $25 administrative fee for exiting without paying. The violation claims that it was an EZ Pass only lane (but it wasn't).

To quote jameel, They Dies!

EDIT: So I call the "Violations Center" to complain about the ticket. All circuits are busy. I try a few times, and they continue to be busy. I finally get through and get a machine. I navigate a bunch of menus and it puts me on hold while it transfers me to a claims representative. I wait on hold for ten minutes and then the machine disconnects me. I curse very loudly to... well... nobody at their wasting of ten of my precious peak usage cellular minutes. I get the land line (you know, the one we have so that we can have DSL and bill collectors can call it) and I call them back again. Ten minutes of hold later I get a very nice sounding young woman. She says "E-Z pass Violations Center, may I help you?"

I say yes "I have received a violation that I'd like to contest."

She says "oh, are you an E-Z pass customer?" I tell her no. She says "what's your license plate number?" I give it to her. She says "oh here it is. The one from July 1. Plaza 6, Gate 9... (pause)... Oh, ummm, do you still have the original turnpike ticket?" I do, as I was afraid something like this might happen and I saved it. "She says, Ok, Mr. Holly (my slave name), just mail in that ticket with the correct toll amount ($2.21) and a note telling us what happened, and we'll clear that right up for you."

In other words, they knew that the gate was left open and they had sent people unfair violations and they didn't even want to bother arguing against the people who actually bothered to call them on it and they'd just happily take every one else's 40 bucks. Sons of Bitches... So I reiterate, fuck them up the asses with a chainsaw for hours on end and I don't mean in a nice loving way. Except the nice girl who helped me on the phone. Her I will at least cuddle with after.

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