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The last day of being 27

So if I have learned anything, I've learned that Live Journal is all about talking about DDR. jameel and I went out to get my birthday present. Supplies to mod my pad to version 1.11 as he would call it... only my pads are different than his, so I think we must call this Mod 1.11m. This is so much better, the pads are now more stable... they don't slide, they have less bounce, they make less noise... yay! thanx Jameel.... the biggest problem is that they don't fold up anymore so I don't know where I am gonna keep them. Oh well.

As predicted the final prizes for Jammy Jam arrived today. All set... I'm so excited.

Also bought beststephi's birthday present today. She may read this, so I'm not gonna say what it is right here. But it does kick complete and total ass.

I'm gonna be 28 in just over 4 and a half hours...

I have to actually file for unemployment tomorrow... bleah....

Going to dinner with Anu and other people at Orient Kitchen in a moment. It suddenly iccurs to me that its almost 7:30pm and i haven't eaten anything today. Bleah... that's probably not a good thing.

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