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give me feedback, please...

so, there are at least 98 people who profess to be reading my random garbage here, so I have a few questions for you (and anyone else who happens to be reading this, LJ friend or not), and I hope you all take the time to answer.

So, ludimagist and I were discussing my little 1000 words of free flowing hostility rants, and his belief that I should actively try and pursue a editorial columnist position. After all, I have that rather large $150,000 receipt diploma from CMU gathering dust up in the attic somewhere, which claims I am eminently qualified for creative writing and cultural analysis (as opposed to you know, web design, computer programming, painting and wrestling... the things that I actually do try to do for a living), so in theory, I'm actually trained for it or something. And honestly, its been something that I have been thinking about lately. Not that I am going to give up my other careers, but maybe I should think more seriously about the writing thing. That's the real reason I have been doing the random essays. That's also the reason I am currently composing an entry in what will represent the 120th consecutive day of posting to livejournal. I started trying to do this after discussions with wuttd, actually, about trying to write every day. This is me forcing myself to write something everyday... Whether its insightful, interesting or idiotic is another story. I just want to make sure I get some thoughts down every day. And really its all about whether or not its helping me, and it is. But Meron has me thinking about audience and purpose a bit tonight, so I'm going to do this little survey.

Quick Survey

1) Do you actually read my journal at all?

2) Do you read everything I post (god, I can't imagine)? Do you skim?

3) Do you generally find me interesting? Or just another randome LJer spewing random drivel?

4) Do you like my "1000 Words of Free Flowing Hostility" essays? Should I do more? Does the format do anything for you? Do you have any suggestions for topics or changes?

5) Do you like reading my other random postings? Anything stick in mind as a favorite? Anything you particularly hated?

6) Why do you read livejournal in general? Do you read other (non-LJ) blogs? What about web columnists?

Special Bonus Question: Do you actually bother to read things in LJ-cuts like my Background info above?

I really do hope a lot of people chime in on this... Thanx in advance

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