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on where to throw my political support...

So everyone knows by now that the Terminator is running for governor of California. And he even has a decent shot at winning. But anyone who knows me knows that I never support a political candidate that has a snow balls chance in hell of winning (I voted for Perot... twice!) So even though I can't vote in the California election, I had been trying to think who I wanted to support. Up until now, my front runners had been either Larry Flynt, Gallagher or Gary Coleman. I had seriously been considered supporting Terry Tate since I found out he was running a few days ago, but he probably has too decent a shot at winning. But now I'm down to two options. One is Elizabeth Swaney, because, well, really she's kinda hot... the other is someone I just learned was running from mamarayne.... my hometown hero, Father Guido Sarducci! Oh Hell Heaven Yeah! Some of you probably didn't even know that Father Guido Sarducci was from my hometown (Lorain, OH) but now, he's gonna be governor of California and put Lorain on the map. Hmmm... this may be the first time I support a winning candidate. Big ups to Lorain... 44052 represent! WEST SIDE!!!!!

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