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my life as a wrestler, week 5

Everything that I actually know how to do is getting better... I can't believe i ever even had problems with the kippup at this point. I'm dealing with the soreness a lot better, and I'm getting in better shape (been working out pretty regular again, outside of training as well). All classes start out with squats. When I first started, doing 80 squats was killing me. Now doing 125 just makes me feel good.

Like I said, getting better at pretty much everything I know, but of course still need to work on it more. In particular, I am unhappy with both my hammerlock (though, I'm oddly ok with my reversal) and my arm bar (from standing position, I'm ok with following to the arm bar from the arm drag). They do look better than they did before, but I'm not happy with them. Need more work.

I am very happy with my form on giving an arm drag, and my taking the bump from it as well.

Today we learned the waistlock, the waistlock reversal, and the headlock. I'm more or less ok with doing the waist lock. I think I probably do okay with the reversal too (though it still "feels" awkward to do). My headlock is just ugly. I was getting much better at it towards the end of the class, but I definitely need work here.

Annoying mistakes to avoid in the future: I forgot my kneepads today. (Body held up remarkably well considering)

Moves learned today: Waistlock, Waistlock reversal, headlock. 14 down, 987 to go

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