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A pretty laid back birthday -- so far

Went to a Pirates game with beststephi, jeremiahblatz and Jess yesterday for my birthday. Nothing says Happy Birthday like watching the home team lose. Actually, it was kinda cool. The Rockies pitched a near no-hitter (2 hits I think). The last Pirates game I was at, the Pirates pitched a 1 hit game. Maybe I'm good luck. only not for anyone in particular. Just for a random pitcher.

After the game, I came home and played with beststephi's new karaoke machine (that was her surprise birthday present) with her, anisodragnfly, max1975 and Logan. at least for a bit, until I had to go to the airport to pick up Mathilde who is now back in the country. This turned out to be a wasted trip, because due to a miscommunication she had another ride. So we (max1975 came with me) went back home and did more karaoke with Logan and the girls.

Didn't do much today. A very little bit of cleaning for the party, but I should have done more. Went to Silky's with wooble, Mathilde and James. nowishere was not there again, no matter what she says. Then wooble and I came back here and played a little DDR. Now I'm going to do a little more cleaning and wait for beststephi to call me so we can go out for my birthday dinner.

Jammy Jam 2K2 is in just over 24 hours. Oh, I'm so very excited.

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