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my life as a wrestler, week 6

Not so much with the ow this week because I spent most of the class learning a move. I now possess the knowledge of how to do the world's shittiest headlock takeover. Just horrid really. I really need to work on it. My form is bad, my technique is bad. I mean, I do get the move, but its complete and utter crap. Note to self: headlock takeover is not an armdrag. Really its not. Bigger step, higher post. Will be working on this in my spare time over the next week.

For anyone (in Pittsburgh) who wants to see my eventual end goal, the IWC (the wrestling federation that runs my school) is having a show out at CCAC, this Saturday. I will be there as part of the ring crew, but will of course be no where near the inside of the ring during the show. Still it should be fun to watch. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Bleah... time to go hang my head in shame...

Moves learned today: Headlock Takeover (poorly) 14.5 down, 986.5 to go.

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