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So my first week back at MAYA (that's the Merv Griffin job to folks who don't know) was very nice. I had forgotten how nice it was to work with people you actually like and respect. I had forgotten how nice it was to actually do work that you can not be ashamed of. To feel appreciated and to not spend every moment of the work day staring at the clock and wishing that God or whatever powers that be rule the cosmos would take pity on you and strike you down where you sit. I had forgotten what it was like to not have to drive 20 miles through rush hour traffic to just be somewhere you hate. I will be sad when the contract is over and I have to leave again.

My neck still hurts a little bit, but its getting better. Thankyou to beststephi, who was nice enough to give me a back rub last night and that helped. I still have no idea why it was sore in the first place.

No word yet on my computer from Mac Outfitters. Wonder what they found.

Getting ready to go out to West Mifflin in a couple hours to help set up the IWC show for tonight. Looking forward to that. I've been to a couple WWF/E shows, but never been backstage for one, so I'm hoping to learn a lot. This will also be the first time that I will have met most of the wrestlers so that should be nice.

Speaking of wrestling, jameel, zombiesrah, anukul, danitapgh, je2i, nowishere or anyone else want to get together get some beer and pizza and order SummerSlam on Sunday? I haven't gotten a Pay-Per-View in quite some time, and I actually don't know that many people who like wrestling. I'm looking forward to this one because there's an Elimination Chamber match. There's only ever been one before and it was apparently pretty cool but I didn't see it, so I kind of want to check it out, but don't particularly want to watch it by myself. So anyone interested? Hmmm, I don't think I really know that many people who are amused by wrestling (except for thwomp obviously, but she doesn't so much want to see wrestling as watch me get my ass kicked)... *sigh*

EDIT: Special added bonus! wooble says he should be getting my wrestling practice DVD back to me today or tomorrow. So if people want to come over BEFORE SummerSlam, we could warm up by watching your favorite wrestler-in-training go through a grueling match feature11 deadly moves, which mostly involve arm twisting...Connie, you can see me get beat up after all...

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