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#%&^! sons of %@&! I'll %!&^ in the &!#$! you *&%@!ing #@!$*! I hope you *&#! &@^! &%@! your mother

So apparently Mac Outfitters has gotten my computer back only Apple in their infinite wisdom as not only replaced the motherboard (yet again) and the display (which is what I have always conteded was broken in the first place) but thry also decided to replace my harddrive for god knows what reason, since that was working perfectly fine. Now, I always always always always check the "please do a data backup" box when I drop the machine off because people make mistakes and I want my data protected incase they should happen to fry my hard drive. Sure its $50, but its worth it. Only now MacOutfitters has told me that for reasons that they don't quite understand Apple neglected to do the data backup. They say they called up Apple and asked about it and Apple said that they couldn't because the drive was bad... WHICH IT WASN'T. So basically, all this means that all of my precious data on my laptop is lost. Now I have copies of just about everything important on Verdandi, but I've got a ton of non-important crap, and some important stuff that I hadn't gotten around to backing up yet on the laptop that its just going to be a pain in the ass to lose. So needless to say, I'm pretty pissed. So I call Apple. Apple looks up my service number and tells me that the records say that they did do a data backup. And they were like "why? isn't it there?" So now I have no idea. And I simply won't trust anyone until I get it back. In any case, one way or the other someone will pay. Either for losing my data or for simply causing me a lot of stress and worry. Someone's mother is going to be repeatedly sodomized with a flaming chainsaw. Oh I'm sorry? Was that vulgar? GOOD!

It's enough to make me start using a PC.... ok, not really...
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