Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on fantasy drafts and firewire drives...

so we did the fantasy football draft today. I think I did ok. I was already carrying Shaun Alexander(RB), Charlie Garner(RB) and Trent Green(QB) as keepers from last year. Then with the draft I managed to get:

Stephen Davis(RB), Curtis Martin(RB), Todd Heap(TE), Stacey Mack(RB), Jimmy Smith(WR), Jerry Rice(WR), Jeff Reed(K), Mike Vrabel(DL), Kurt Warner(QB, a steal in round 12), Garrison Hearst(RB), Keyshawn Johnson(WR), Ty Wheatley(RB), Kris Brown(K), 'Dre Bly(DB), Jason Gildon (DL), Kendrell Bell (DL), Chad Scott (DB)

beststephi took a couple of picks I really wanted, namely Tony Gonzalez and Joe Horn, but my biggest disappointment was losing rookie RB Justin "Son of Huggy Bear" Fargas to Jon West. Yes, jameel, he really is the son of the guy who played Huggy Bear.

In other news, Apple is supposed to be sending me my harddrive back so I can try to retrieve the data myself. Anybody have a firewire enclosure I can borrow for a bit? anukul? wooble?

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