Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on the continuiing interview meme...

I asked kochansky for interview questions and here they are:

same rules as always. If you want me to interview you, just say so, and I'll write you question as well (of course, most of the people I asked questions to last time haven't answered yet).

1) If you had to lose everything you owned except for five things, what would you keep?

Hmmm... hard one out of the gates. Ok. Lets see... I'd definitely want to keep the Vagabond to get me around. I'd want to keep one computer (probably my laptop). I'd want to keep my big orange teddy bear just because its the oldest thing that I own. I'd want to keep my digital camera because I like taking pictures. Hmmm... and last... hmmm... last, I'd keep a bottle of sensual massage oil... for the ladies...

2) If you could be the living manefestation of only one of the seven deadly sins, which would you pick?
I'm gonna go with Lust. Like Ginger from Gilligan's Island. I'm a total hornball.

3) What's your ideal vacation?

Quiet communing with nature at the top of a very high mountain. Preferably one that is hard to get to so that no one else is a round. Maybe, with a camera and a sketchpad. Possibly my laptop to do some writing. That's my ultimate vacation alone. For a vacation where I hang out with other people, I want somewhere fun and crazy. Like maybe one of the Bellagio penthouse suites in Vegas. A place where you can gamble, get drunk, and have orgies in the hottub.

4) Paper or plastic?

Assuming you mean groceries store bags, plastic. I use them to store the other stuff that I am gonna recycle.

5) Would you like fries with that?

Yep... Half the time, I only get fries... Really, you should have asked me: "Hey baby, do fries go with that shake?"

There you go. Does anyone else want an interview?

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