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my life as a wrestler, week 8

ow... only not for me this time. Spent this class learning the finer points of the headlock takeover. First of all my headlock is magically a lot better this week than it was last week. A whole lot better. I had been practicing on, well... the air... and apparently that worked out. I also have gotten better at actually giving the headlock takeover. I'm not perfect at it, but I'm better in that I don't completely and utterly fuck it up anymore like I did last week. I also learned how to take them this week, which I think I did fine at (much better than last weeks paltry showing of giving them). So I think I feel comfortable granting myself the other half a move that I docked myself last week. Go me.

Now on to the ow...

So I hurt someone in class. Dunno how bad yet. One of the other trainees has a surgically repaired knee that is apparently pretty bad. Much worse than say... mine... When practicing the headlock takeover he came down knee first very hard on my heel as I was taking a step, and seems to have hurt himself pretty bad. Bad enough that we stopped practice and called an ambulance to cart him away. Hopefully its nothing too serious, but he seemed to be in a whole lot of pain at the time. Could be a stinger, could be blown ligaments. Who knows. Missed a big chunk of class because of that, so no new moves learned other than finishing the headlock takeover. Bleah, I suppose I should probably write something in my training diary about him getting hurt, but I think I'll probably wait til I know how bad it is and I decide how to talk about it.

Moves learned this week: Headlock takeover (a million times better than before) 15 down, 986 to go.

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