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on surveys and interviews...

so my little scientific survey has taught me that the majority of porn viewers are in fact women. Ok, maybe not... it isn't really all that scientific. Maybe its just that the majority of people who read the things I write are women who like porn. Hmmm... either is fine with me really. Anyway, male or female, if you haven't replied to that post yet, I'd still like to know what you have to say, positive or negative.

I was asked interview questions by papertygre and now is as good a time to answer them as any:

(Ratha did like I do and asked complicated multipart questions... I actually like that, it makes you think more, and gives you more room to just kind of tell people about yourself... I think I learn more about people that way, so hopefully this will tell people about me)

1. What is your favorite thing about Pittsburgh? Your least favorite? Is there something about another place you've lived that you miss?

I don't know if I can answer a favorite or least favorite thing about Pittsburgh. I like it here. It kind of suits me. I have lots of friends here. I like the football team. I like the social atmosphere. I even like the weather. I guess, having grown up in Lorain (just outside of Cleveland), there is a certain atmosphere that I became comfortable with, and Pittsburgh sort of fits that bill without being the same place. I don't really want to go back to where I came from, I feel like I out grew it, but Pittsburgh has some of the same aspects I was comfortable with, and after living here for the last 11 years, it just feels like home, I guess.

2. What motivates you to get up in the morning? Is it certain people, is it goals you have, is it force of habit, or something else?

Who says I'm motivated? Actually, I tend to wake up just because I am incapable of sleeping for very long. Whether I actually get out of bed or not is another story. When I'm working, i kind of have this drive to get things done, so I guess that's kind of a motivation. Other than that, there are some things that I just feel driven to do sometimes. Artwork, writing, working out, doing laundry... those kinds of things. If I don't have anything important to do, and I'm not feeling particularly driven that day, I might just hang out in my room and watch TV or surf the web until something fun comes along.

3. How do you unwind? (Do you prefer reading, games, physical activities, hanging with friends, or media like music or movies? This is more a general question than a request to name specific games or movies.) Is there a hobby or leisure activity you don't do or haven't done, but would like to get into if you had the chance?

Ummm... Yes.

Seriously, I guess this totally depends. There are lots of things that I find very enjoyable to do. Obviously, right now a big one is wrestling training and working out. But I also like reading a lot. I love watching movies. I love rafting. I like artwork and writing, though I've been pretty lame about producing any of it lately. I like sex. I like parties. I like going out drinking. I like moonlight dinners and quiet walks along the beach. Oh wait, that's another interview. Sorry. Anyway, I guess it all depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to just hit the gym and lift by myself or read a book, sometimes I want to snuggle up with Steph and watch a movie, sometimes I'll be a total geek and screw with the computer all day, sometimes I'll invite people over for debaucherous games that involve drinking and taking off your clothes.

There are some things that i want to try that I haven't gotten to yet. Skydiving has always been one of them, for instance. And jetskiing. Pretty much any hobby where there is a significant chance of bodily harm or death is A-OK in my book.

4. What is your position on snacking?

*shrug* I snack when i feel like snacking. I don't know that I have a total position on it. I'm kind of weird. In some ways I try really really really hard to be healthy, the obsession with drinking tons of water every day, the near maniacal working out of late. The near total cutting out of caffeine from my diet. But then I'll just not feel like working out for a week, and I just won't. Or I'll feel like snacking and I'll eat a bunch of cookies or something. It's weird. I guess my basic philosophy is happiness. I take care of myself because taking care of myself makes me happy. It makes my body look a sort of way that makes me feel good about myself (ok, so maybe that means I have body image and self esteem issues, but that's a whole side point). It makes me look good for the ladies. But the point is that I do all of that just to make myself feel better about myself, and so at the point where its making me feel bad about myself its counterproductive. I could count every calorie and worry about every single bite I take and such, but that's no way to live. So if eating a bunch of cookies is going to make me feel happy in the short run I do it. The trick is to not overdo it so as to become fat and unattractive thus making me feel unhappy in the long run. Its all about discipline. Its kind of the same thing with smoking. I didn't quit for the longest time because smoking made me feel good. When it got to the point that I felt like I literally couldn't function without cigarettes, I quit. It was hard, but I did it not because I was worried about cancer or anything. I did it because I felt bad about myself, and I felt bad when I couldn't smoke. Now I am at a point where I can have a social cigarette at a bar or party, or even have 3 or 4 or whatever and its nice, and then I don't smoke again for 3 months til the mood hits me again, and that's how I want it. So the point is, being healthy is great since it can make things fun, but doing things that are bad for you is ok so long as it adds to the fun of life as well. I think it was Redd Foxx that said "you're gonna feel really stupid dying of nothing." And I guess I kind of really agree with that.

5. Are you religious at all?

It depends on how you mean it. I haven't attended church regularly (you know outside of like weddings and baptisms) in probably like 13 or 14 years. I don't know that I believe in the specific God(s/ess) that the Christians or Jews or Muslims or Buddhists or Wiccans or Ancient Grecians or Scientologists or whatever believe in. But, I can't believe that the entirity of existence is based on the cosmic happenstance of chaos theory that caused a single particle to explode and various permutations to be set in motion that eventually resulted in life on a small rock in one particularly insignificant sector of creation either. And even if it did, where did where did that particle come from in the first place. Simply put at some level even with the most advanced scientific theory, you eventually just have to accepts an axiom or theorem as given somewhere. And that's faith. If it comforts you to pigeonhole (I don't mean that to be as insulting as it sounds) that faith into a box that is labeled God, or Magick or Physics or whatever, that's fine. I think its all just a means of understanding, and whatever helps to get there and make sense of the universe as it relates to you as an individual... well more power to you. That said, I believe in what I have experienced, and some of what I have experienced I cannot explain. Whether this is because of the failings of science to explain the unexplainables of the universe or merely ignorance on my part is irrelevent, because in my own worldview (and ultimately the only one that matters in this context) it remains unexplained and possibly unexplainable. So I take certain things on faith and I personally try to not think so hard about the specifics because in my particular worldview whether the unexplainable is personified or diefied or understood on any level isn't really all that important to me.

So ummm... I'm not sure if I answered your question or not.

Wow... Ratha asks good questions... Anyone else want me to interview them? Just say so and I will.

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