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wasting the evening...

Things I meant to do tonight:

  1. figure out the remaining jammy jam prizes (i've only bought 1st place)
  2. laundry
  3. get a jump start on some of the work I have to do tomorrow
  4. send preinvitations to jammy jam
  5. work on revamping the Elseworld Gift Shop.

I accomplished none of that. Worse I have a headache. I'm gonna have to spend all day tomorrow rushing through finishing this proposal.

Ideas for Jammy Jam:
  • all disco
  • all one-hit wonders
  • all pillow talk
  • all bubblegum pop

Hmmm... given the slumber party theme, the last two seem most appropriate, but there's a fine line to be walked between musical themes that only I'd enjoy and musical themes that would make the party fun for the guests.

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