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my life as a wrestler, week 9

well, I didn't hurt anyone this week, that's a plus. I started off pretty good, but then got sloppier. Really Really REALLY need to work on my foot placement during headlock takeovers. When I do it right I nail them really well. When I do it wrong, it looks like total shit. Worrying about it was throwing my concentration a lot and making me screw up other stuff that I should know how to do. *sigh* Need to work on keeping my balance so I don't move my feet too much, better form on the headlock takeover (and more fluidity), and not getting as flustered when I screw things up. Ended up being too aggressive on a single leg takedown which is something I really shouldn't be having problems with at this point. Arrgh. I guess I just have to work on timing. I won't be back for two weeks what with the Scotland trip, so hopefully if I keep practicing it on my own, it will tighten up a bit.

Did learn how to reverse a ground headlock into a head scissors. That was nice. And I learned how to escape from the head scissors. I think I was doing pretty ok with both of those. Particularly the escape. Need to work on the positioning a bit more when someone puts be in that move so I don't put too much stress on my shoulder or their neck.

Speaking of my shoulder, that at least turned out fine. I was worried about bumping badly and hitting the sore tattoo, but I'm bumping a lot better now, so it turned out to be a non-issue. Barely even noticed it. The soreness is also going down pretty much which is nice. Coincidentally, one of my classmates got a new tattoo in the same place this week as well, so we were both worried about hurting. I think we both turned out ok though.

So a lot of work to do on the headlock and headlock takeover, but we're getting there.

Moves learned this week: Head Scissors(reversal from ground headlock), Head Scissors escape. 17 down, 984 to go.

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