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Journey into Strange Tales of Mutant Misadventures of Chris Maverick:Fastest Disk Recovery Specialist Alive

Hello True Believers! When last we left our hero he was battling the covert group, A.P.P.L.E (Advanced Peripherals and Practical Logistics Empire) fighting with the dreaded villain, Apple Dispatch Specialist, trying to get back the magical disk drive that was stolen from him by the evil fiend, Apple Repair Specialist who apparently put some sort of curse upon it. Apple Dispatch Specialist had mockingly laughed at our hero's struggle and taunted him with promises of utter defeat and failure. "The data is gone! Just give up," she said "Even if you got the drive back, its not like you'd ever be able to recover the data anyway." Undaunted, our hero persevered, aided in his struggle by unlikely help from the inside in the form of sexy agent Apple Customer Support Specialist, who after becoming enamored with our hero's undeniable devilish charm, chiseled muscular form and ruggedly striking good looks managed to get the hard drive sent back to the hero so that he could perhaps take it to a "Data Recovery Specialist."

Finally, the drive back in our hero's hands, but dysfunctional. What is he to do. He runs, A.P.P.L.E's own Disk First Aid utility on the file and learns that 3 useless temp files have "incorrect block counts" and that is what is causing the disk not to boot. He then uses the mighty "Disk Warrior" CD Sword of Righteousness to smite the offending bad blocks and return the magic disk to its former glory. This entire process (supposedly impossible) took approximately 15 minutes And once again the children could sleep safely.

Farewell True Believers... Excelsior!

PS: As per usual, our hero will be resting after his battle at Silky's Bar & Grill for happy hour at 5PM. Come and celebrate with him. For our hero will be absent from Happy Hour next week as he goes off to the land of Scots to fight injustice and bad sectors abroad.

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