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on any given sunday (well, really, on this given sunday)...

the first Steelers' football game of the season is in a couple of hours. That's pretty exciting. There's beer in the fridge. Everyone else is still asleep. And I'll be making traditional football waffles in a couple of hours so in the meantime, just some random thoughts:

went to thwomp and je2i's wedding reception yesterday. That was nice. An odd mix of Scottish traditional garb and belly dancing with a quite pigmentally challenged DJ. Or at least he was for a large portion of the night, where he played standard hokey caucassian wedding music (including "YMCA", and "I Will Survive" - Actually, I guess it was more like a Karaoke night than a wedding, but then when he played "Play That Funky Music Whiteboy" I almost died), but then inexplicably he started playing 50 cent and Puff Daddy songs. The whole thing was interesting to say the least.

I need to work on getting the Jammy Jam 2K3 pictures up on my party website. Sorry its taking a while, I had been waiting for anukul to give me his pictures, but I may just skip him and put them up with just sui66iy and my own pics. It still may take me a bit, because that's a few hundred shots to go through alone, but I will try to get them up before I leave for Europe on Thursday.

speaking of Jammy Jam, I did a search on Google for Jammy Jam and found that I was only the 4th most popular link. This simply won't do people. The #3 link only has broken images for god_dot_com's sake. #2 at least has pictures, but they're to a party from 1999, and the people in it aren't nearly as cool looking as we are. There's nary a boob in sight! They did have a hula hoop contest though. That's pretty cool. And the link in the "I feel lucky position" is just lame. I mean, there's barely anyone even wearing jammies. Help me out people. Link to me.

Almost football time. Whee!

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