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I just flew in from London...

and boy are my arms tired... *ba-rump-bump*(sound of a rimshot)

Plane landed early (around 2:45, scheduled for 3;30). That was a pleasant surprise. Especially since we almost didn't make it. Plane took off at 11:55 GMT, so we left on what was supposed to be a little before 9:30 to catch the Tube (subway) to the train that goes to the airport. The airport train was running late though (and in fact stopped for a bit on the tracks because of congestion), so we didn't get to the airport til 11:05. Apparently in Britain, you absolutely must be at the airport more than an hour before your flight because they close down the ticket counter for your flight then (ie, 10 minutes before we got there). Helpful British ticket people dod help get us checked in though and rushed us in front of some other people in the "special problems line" which was very nice, of them, but kind of annoyed one of the other customers in particular. Anyway, after a sprint across the airport, (stopping to deal with security checkpoints and such) we got to the line just in time to get on the plane and have it take off. The flight was without incident. But somewhere along the way, either on a train or in the airport somewhere, I lost my Squadron Supreme tradepaperback which I was 3 pages from the end of reading. *sigh*.

So anyway, if anyone in London should happen to find a Sqaudron Supreme tradepaperback somewhere... its like mine, or something.

To anyone who might be planning to take an 11:55 flight out of London say in a 3 or 4 days, I'd leave around 8:30... just saying...

Oh, and now a cryptic message:

From: The Cleveland Indian
To: The Indian Metropolitan

big w43 still has the golden eagle. you'll have to use the carrier pigeon... <EOM>

More about the trip later... I have errands to run before wrestling practice.

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