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my life as a wrestler, week 11

never got around to posting this last week because I was so busy with work... its not as fresh in my mind, so I'll just summarize.

Learned the hip toss (poorly). As is frequently my problem with fling person over in the air type moves, my footwork base leaves something to be desired. Pretty hard move though, and everyone has had some trouble with it. I've been working on it randomly sense then and I think I may be a little better, but its impossible to tell until I get back in the ring. Wrestling has so much to remember so much of the time, and I have a tendancy to overthink it when I'm first learning things and make stupid mistakes which get worse and worse the more I try to carefully correct them. I'm much better off when I get to where I can convince myself not to think and just to cut loose, but if I do that too early before I really know what I'm doing then I'm dangerous. Its all very confusing. Anyway, we're supposed to work on it more next week.

Also learned the full nelson. This was much easier and I had no problems with it.

Trainers tell me I should work up the intensity on my lockups a bit. But I think I am getting better at them. This is another fine balancing act. I used to have a tendancy to be too aggressive with it. Now I am being too lax. Need to put a little more power and snap into them.

Did some free wrestling after we learned our new moves, and I was more or less happy with it. I screwed up an arm drag but not too badly. I haven't been using that as much lately, so I should maybe use it more and try to perfect it. On a good note, I was doing much better with my headlock takeovers. I just need to get everything working well every week. Another good example is the hammerlock. My hammerlock has always felt a little awkward to me, and I've never much liked it to be honest. If I am moving into a hammerlock, its likely because I just don't have anything better in mind to do. My reversal of it is fine, but my reversal of a wristlock into it just plain sucks. It also doesn't help that once I have someone in the hammerlock, I really don't know any moves to go from there. So basically I have to either just hold it forever, let them go, or wait for them to escape. Well, until now. On a whim I started reversing the hammerlock into the waist lock. Did it twice in practice, and I kind of liked it. Trainers said it was a perfectly fine thing to do, and that suits me just fine since at least I can do the waistlock takeover (a move I very much like) out of the waistlock. I do need to watch it though, because I don't want to neglect the hammerlock to the point where it it becomes really shitty. I'll have to keep practicing it. I do like having my own little token move though. Wheee.... Still, I really like how the wristlock reversal into the hammerlock looks and I may have to start practicing that, if only to use it as a transition into the waistlock. :-)

Moves learned this week: Hip toss (poorly), full nelson. 23.5 down, 977.5 to go...

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