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my life as a bum, day 1 (redux, again)

got up late... laid around not doing much of anything. Watched the season premiere of Angel on TV. Practiced some of my wrestling footwork. Did some laundry. Liking this bum thing, feel like I am totally back into the swing of things.

Got an email from an... uhhh... network representative with the Network that Wayne's World was on asking if I am interested in an opportunity that they recently had come up and that I should send in an updated resume. I cringed. I'm intrigued, definitely, but please God, for the love of all that is holy, please don't let it be TechRx. PLEASE!!!!

On another note, should I be worried if I just happen to notice that a birthmark that I always had had is suddenly gone? I mean, that's kinda a scary thing, isn't it? What if I need to proove that I'm me? A distinguishing feature is gone. Wait, what if I'm not really me? What if HYDRA kidnapped the real me and I have been replaced with a Life Model Decoy? I could be a ticking timebomb ready to explode. Oh the horror. The tragedy... ummm... cool...

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