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my life as a wrestler, week 12

good practice today. For once I was relatively free of bone head mistakes. My hiptoss, while still needing work, is looking much better, if I do say so myself... and I do. And really, everything needs work, right? Exactly. Anyway, I did get better at foot placement for it, and I'm much better at taking the move than I was next week. I wonder if its just not being tired from working an 18 hour day? That could be it. Now I'm back to the nice comfortable bum lifestyle that I am used to, and it makes it easier to learn. Biggest problem I had is that its starting to get colder and I may have to rethink my ring gear. Perhaps its time to start thinking about underarmour cold gear.

So we learned the full nelson reversal, which I actually found pretty easy. This is a very convenient move to know, given that everyone in the class learned the full nelson next week. It means that if someone puts me in a full nelson, I don't have to be stuck in it forever. I think I (and everyone else) caught onto this move really well, and I'm pretty happy about that. Plus its a good chain wrestling move, and fits nicely into my new gimmick of switching up what I reverse into (the hammerlock into waistlock thing I was talking about last week).

Learned to take a bodyslam this week. This is pretty much the highest impact thing I know how to do so far. Well, and i can't so much do it, as I can have it done to me. They explained the basic mechanics, but this week we pretty much worked on being bodyslammed and not dying as opposed to slamming someone else (which I assume is next week). Anyway, I guess I'd say I'm pretty good at this point at ummm, letting people throw me around. Yay.I should probably work on nailing the landing a little better, but for the most part I was getting that ok too.

Closed off the class with some open wrestling. I'm actually pretty happy with how that's going. We're at the point where we know enough different things that everyone is not forced to use the same moves over and over like we were when I first video taped us. In fact, people are almost starting to develop individual styles. Obviously there isn't all that much to the style, but that's something, and it makes me feel like there's more of an accomplishment. I think I may have to borrow wooble's camera again and get some fresh footage.

Moves learned this week: Hiptoss (much better), Full Nelson Reversal, Bodyslam (receiving only)... 25.5 down, 975.5 to go.

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