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my life as a bum, day 2

Wheee... I now have DDR MAX2!!! DJ Sammy, here I come!

Not much going on today, will probably go to Silky's later, of course, if anyone is looking to hang out with me.

This weekend I'll be working another wrestling show. I'm still months away from being an actual wrestler but I should be working security again. Which means theres always the chance of some evil wrestler flipping out and kicking my ass (this apparently happened to the trainees working security last show, when i was in Scotland). So you know, if anyone wants to go and cross their fingers they might get a chance to see me get my ass kicked. And what could be more fun than that? Also, there's like a whole wrestling show that will be going on and stuff, so that should be cool.

Ooh, and according to the IWC website, when you buy a ticket, you get entered to win a DVD player... cool...

Bleah... I should probably eat something today...

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