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on not getting knocked the fuck out...

so, I worked an IWC show tonight as security again. This one was at jameel's alma mater, Sweet Steel Valley High. And unlike the security guards at the last IWC show (the one I missed by being in Scotland), I managed to do so without getting knocked out. In fact I was barely physical with any of the wrestlers at all (was pushed by Sebastian Dark, he who did the knocking out of people on the previous show) but no biggee. I did get into physical altercations with several 8 year olds though who thought it would be a good idea to try and climb into the ring during a match. Hey kids, here's a hint, when 2 guys who outweigh you by 300 pounds each are hitting each other over the head with steal chairs, getting close to them is maybe not the best idea in the world. Geeze... some people's kids.

Anyway, given my eternal battle with the dumbass children, my brief shoving match and escorting of maniac heels(that's bad guys in wrestling talk) and my other official function of carrying the injured out of the ring, I will likely be on the TV show a couple of times in the coming weeks, in case anyone is interested.

On another note, I want a beer...

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