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A productive 24 hours... or not

have been rather laxiqdasical actually... maybe if I were Kiefer Sutherland, things would be more exciting.

Went to nowishere's party for a bit yesterday. Was feeling really really tired. Mostly hung out with sui66iy and Mathilde. wooble was there as well, but he looked even more tired and hungover than I was. He did give me a CD with his pics from Jammy Jam though, which was very useful in supplementing mine to make the website. He got tired and leftjeremiahblatzand Jess showed up, and sui66iy started talking to them. Maybe Mathilde and I were boring? So I talked with Mathilde for a while longer and we both started falling asleep so I decided that maybe it was just time to go home.

Hung out a bit with beststephiand then decided to go to sleep in the living room because it was so hot upstairs.

Today I put together the Jammy Jam 2K2 website and discussed it with people. Part of me is glad its all over with, part of me is glad I had a great time, and part of me is always sad to see it go. There's always next year. My mother was even giving me outfit ideas for next year... hmmm...

Mark Lang is in town, so I basically hung out with him the rest of the day.

I need to do something proactive. Maybe I'll call my headhunter tomorrow. I was pretty lame today, other than putting together the website. Oh wait... no... I paid my rent. That's proactive, right? I rock.

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