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on things going on in my life...

Like the sands through the hourglass... so are the days of my life:

  • Tire on the Vagabond looks low on air. Need to fill that. Key is once again sticking in the ignition. Should fix that, but it appears to be expensive. Need to get new tags and inspection too. Uggh, there are way too many damn expenses involved in being a bum.
  • Met with execs from independent network about getting my own show. Low distribuiton, but I'd be the star. Hard to guage meeting. I think the execs liked me. We'll have to see how that turns out. Sigh... should audition for other shows too. Feeling lame.
  • Apparently there was some problem with my Visa Debit card for ordering a new computer. Probably a maximum spending per day issue. Need to call the bank and straighten it out, but apparently today is "Clueless white subpar pirate accidentally shipwrecks himself on an island in the Atlantic that he thinks is in India and steals some land and rapes some women Day" and apparently that's the kind of thing that the banks celebrate and you can't clear up monetary issues. So that's something to do tomorrow. *sigh*
  • May go down to Mellon Arena (I think), where WWE Raw is tonight, and pass out flyers to the IWC Nov. 1 show with some of the other wrestlers and trainees, if I can a) figure out where and when exactly they are meeting to do it and b) I get air in the aforementioned tire.
  • working on story ideas and trying to work on art ideas for mcguffincomix. My god, I am in a slump. I miss the old days when I had a modicum of talent.
  • haven't issued 1000 Words of Free Flowing Hostility in a while. I should do that. I need a topic.
  • sui66iy's Roomba is here.
  • If you listen really closely, you can actually hear yourself slowly dying...

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