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where's my bitchez?!?!

So, as I was saying earlier, I went to pass out flyers for the IWC at Mellon Arena with some of the other wrestlers. Before we started passing out flyers we were just hanging out talking:


Wrestler 1: So Mav, I saw those pictures on your website. Where do you find so many hot women to pose for you?

Mav: Well, one of them is my girlfriend. The others are just friends of mine.

Wrestler 1: Wow. Maybe I need to hang out with you.

Wrestler 2: What is this? You have a fan club? Is this like Mav's Bitches?

Mav: Ummm, yeah... you can join, you want a T-shirt?

Wrestler 2: Sure. Can I cut the sleeves off of it?


Hmmm.... so if I make Mav's Bitchez t-shirts. Who would order one?

EDIT: Cheap plug... there are nicer sloganed T-shirts available in the Elseworld Gift Shop as well... go buy one!

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