October 17th, 2003

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12:06 am - my life as a wrestler, week 14
practice went well. Learned how to give the Firemen's Carry. Its amazing how a move that looks so simple can be so hard to do. Took the class a while, but I think we all got it pretty good. Still need to work on it a bit. Like everything. Right now, so long as I go slowly and deliberately, but still fluidly (read: don't give myself time to think and fuck it up) it goes fine. Next week, hopefully we'll learn how to take them (as well as learning how to give the body slam, which we still haven't done yet).

did soem practice wrestling to end the class. Discovered that I can in fact reverse several moves into a drop toe hold. Did it from both the hammerlock and the wasit lock. I'm rather fond of drop toe hold, and I had been thinking about it this week and wondered whether or not I could move other stuff into it. Worked pretty well, I think. I need to learn the inverted one that my instructors use.

Screwed up a hiptoss by grabbing with the wrong arm. Practice a bit more and think I am ok with it now. Will have to work it into some wrestling in the next couple of weeks to make sure I have it well. May also walk through the motions on my own some this week. I also want to start using the snapmare more. Didn't use it at all today. Another move I should try to work on some more is the headlock takeover. Haven't thrown one in a couple weeks. Thought about that today, but there never saw a good chance to practice it. Need to look for it. Shiima has been doing the way cool hammerlock spinning reversal into the headlock. I need to figure that out.

Moves learned this week: Firemen's Carry (giving). 32 down, 969 to go.

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[User Picture]From: drfell Date: October 17th, 2003 - 05:57 am (Link)
It's really hard to do when the person's both heavier than you and laying immobile on the ground. Ouch. I'm sure you do it better than I though. Maybe you could give me some pointers sometime... I'd be glad to take advice from a pro. ^_^
[User Picture]From: ludimagist Date: October 21st, 2003 - 11:59 pm (Link)
If you had to describe this carry in words, how would you do it?
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: October 22nd, 2003 - 07:12 am (Link)
Hmmm... stand face to face with opponent. Trap their left arm with your right arm. Drop to your knee. Grab behind their left leg with your left arm. Swing your shoulders so that your opponent gets launched over you and lands on their back.

I guess it makes more sense if you can see it.

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