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on returns, upgrades and customer service...

So I want to say that Coast to Coast Memory's customer service is just a pleasure to deal with. No hassles on the phone, I should have my new memory (and a free T-shirt) in the mail by next week. Their prices are also pretty good. So if you need memory. Go there... See... people treat me right, I treat them right.

And now on to Apple...FUCKINGODAMNIGGASSHIT!!! There... excuse me...

So I ordered my Powerbook on Oct. 8th. Why October 8th? Because that is the earliest date that you could order and still get the Mac "Up to Date" program which allows you to get Panther for $19.99 instead of $129.00. Sure, I could have waited til after the 24th to order and just gotten it shipped with 10.3, but that would mean I'd have to wait. I decided that getting the machine earlier was worth 20 bucks.

Only now, they won't let me give them the 20 bucks. Apparently there's been a problem getting all of the serial numbers of the machines sold recently downloaded into the Up-To-Date division's database. So that means they don't have a record of this machine existing. So in order to order the CDs I need to mail them a copy of my invoice. Only for some reason, Apple neglected to send me a invoice with the computer. So now I have to wait for them to mail me an invoice so that I can mail it back to them so that I can order it. Yes, it would make more sense if they just mailed the invoice directly from one department to the other, or say TOOK A FUCKING POST IT NOTE WITH MY SERIAL NUMBER ON IT OVER TO THE OFFICE NEXT DOOR SO THAT THEY COULD TYPE IT INTO THE FUCKING DATABASE!!! but apparently they don't do that. I know this because my customer service guy called the other department and checked when the two of them came up with the mail me an invoice plan.

Sons of bitches... almost enough to make me start using a Windows machine...

Ok, maybe not...

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