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the state of the Maverick address...

So for people who like to harass me about such things, due to deals struck with th"Tough Crowd" people, I will once again be insured starting Nov 1. Oooh... just in time for Halloween. Maybe we can play pin the tail on the Maverick, or some otherwise dangerous game to capitalize on it.

Apple was supposed to send me a copy of my invoice, but instead they sent me a copy of the mail in form for the up-to-date program... *sigh*... They did e-mail me a copy of the invoice... May try to order Panther with that.

I think the new Best Buy in the Waterfront opens today. Woohoo!!! May go down there to check it out in a bit. (ok, I'm a geek)

No wrestling practice yesterday because they were remodeling the facility. It may be cancelled next week too... *sigh*... this sucks... I really don't like going so long without practice. Might step up my workouts (which I have been skimping a bit on recently, anyway).

Steelers tickets for this weekend! 1000th game! Woohoo!

As usual, I'll be at Silky's this afternoon if anyone is looking for me.

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