August 9th, 2002

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05:13 pm - yay more birthday presents...
Finally got a present from my Mom today. A set of plastic wine glasses (for picnics and such, I have plenty of crystal ones) and a wine stopper, tray and corkscrew. She also got a pair of shirts for beststephi for her birthday. beststephi gets all her presents early and I get all mine late. :-(

Also spent all day looking for the title to the Z24 so I can finish dealing with the insurance people. Finally found it, but none of the people I need to talk to are in the office. *sigh*

Headhunter still hasn't returned my call. I need to go down to CMU on Monday to put in some resumes. Bleah...

ah well... its happy hour time.

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yay more birthday presents... - graffiti.maverick

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[User Picture]From: chite Date: August 9th, 2002 - 03:47 pm (Link)
Just a note about putting in resumes at CMU. Be Very Sure when you get calls from companies that they are WELL aware that you are not currently in college. Some companies are very strange about this. I spent a good deal of time wasted in interviews with one particular company, only to find out that they had a hiring freeze on all but new graduates.

I know it sounds stupid, and it is, but it's better to be sure than to waste your time.

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