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my life as a wrestler, week 15

So on Thursday I had my first in a couple weeks. We had been shut down while they were sweeping asbestos out of the building. So now we're back, and after having 2 weeks off, we did a big time review of everything we learned. I did more or less ok, though there are some things that clearly still need work (headlock takeover, which I've never been great at, in particular... also my basic lockup is still sloppier than it should be).

As I expected after last practice, we also learned how to take the firemen's carry and more or less how to give a body slam (we still need to work on that next week).

Going through all the moves like that is nice, because it really gives a feel of just how much we have learned. (as well, as the obvious showing me what i really need to work on). Next week, we are probably going to learn clotheslines and possibly suplexes. The week after that we will begin training twice a week instead of just once. That's pretty exciting for me. It's kind of a milestone. Like we're moving onto the next level of training. Once we go to two days, that's kind of a mark that we could realistically work a match. Not a particularly interesting match, mind you. But a believable one. So all in all that means things are going pretty good. I'm pretty excited about it.

Also, I've been working on the IWC website. Replacing some of the photos and redoing some of the graphics. I dunno... its a little thing, but its nice to kind of be part of things.

Bleah... you know I don't understand how I can be fine after a wrestling practice, but sprain myh ankle sitting on the floor talking to people... *sigh*

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