November 14th, 2003

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01:05 am - my life as a wrestler, week 16
Ow.... Fucking ow...

haven't said that in a while... but really, ow... Today was the day I learned clotheslines. First there was some practice with the fireman's carries and the bodyslams. Note to self: Always bodyslam someone starting with your right hand... if you try to use your left, you will end up trying to pick them up one handed. You are 5'8, 175 lbs... you will lose. Anyway, these were a little awkward, but I'm working on them. Note to self 2: You love the armbar. Get better at doing it from the fireman's carry.

then it was onto learning clotheslines. Clotheslines fucking hurt. Ow.... All in all no real problems. Need to practice, of course. Its a clothesline, not a punch. Must aim more with my arm and keep my fist a little straighter. Turns out people don't like when I punch them. Go figure.

then there was free wrestling. Two big problems. One, I winded myself and that made it hard to concentrate. Must remember to breathe better. I guess I just got frustrated and then made things worse for myself. Second, my hammerlock is fucking ugly as sin.

Starting next tuesday, we move to two practices a week. On Thursdays we will continue to learn more stuff, and on Tuesdays we will have in ring wrestling, and practicing putting things together. This should be very good for me. I tend to screw things up when i have too much time to think about it. The only way I ever get good at something is learning the right way to do it, then practicing it til I can do it without thinking. I need to make everything more natural.

All in all, pretty good practice... but really... fucking ow...

Move learned this week: clothesline. 34 down, 967 to go.


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my life as a wrestler, week 16 - graffiti.maverick

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[User Picture]From: wonkybutt Date: November 14th, 2003 - 11:58 pm (Link)
Um yeah. I'll second the ow fucking owwww
we were practicing idori kokyu nage at Aikido today. Somewhere between the nage throwing me and me actually hitting the floor I twisted my arm such that it didn't guide my fall at all and I came down directly on the top of my shoulder. Some kind of noise came out of my shoulder immediately before I stopped being able to see. Everyone I've talked to assures me that my arm will stop hurting within a month or so and that I shouldn't aggravate it in the mean time. I couldn't even ride home from work because every time I moved my arm I thought I was going to pass out. Let the suckage begin!

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