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my life as a wrestler, week 17

been meaning to post about this since last Thursday, but keep getting sidetracked. Figure I might as well get it down if only in brief right now, so I have a record.

Worked on taking suplexes. This went rather well, for the most part. Need to work on feet placement when I land so that I don't break my ankles. No practice this Thursday because of Thanksgiving, but will probably learn to give suplexes the week after that.

Finally learned how to reverse the headlock. This is quite useful as it provides an alternative to my previous only exit from the headlock, ie, letting the guy who has be in one throw me by the head.

I have Tuesday night practice tonight again. Hope it goes ok, I haven't been feeling the best the last couple days. Maybe I'm just dehyhrdated. I'll be drinking a lot of water today. Looking forward to tonights practice. There are a couple of combinations I thought up that I'd like to try. Also shiimaxion says that he'll teach me to do his weird ass spinning reverse from a hammerlock.

Anyway, moves learned last week: half of the suplex, headlock reverse. 35.5 down, 965.5 to go.

Note: my move count does not yet contain all the weird reversal combinations I know. Usually just one of each. I think sometime this week I am going to make a listl of all of them so that I have a more accurate count and so that I can figure out which combinations suit me best.
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